Sunday, November 4, 2012

One year later...

For reals? Has it really been an entire year since our last Hazzard County Card Challenge?? Utterly despicable! Anyways, we're back - with a bang! Christmas is coming, so let's use this challenge to work on the ginormous list of Christmas greetings we are all hoping to send. One of our family's favorite Christmas traditions is making a birthday cake for Jesus - it is His special day after all :) So, for this month's challenge, take a look at our cake from last Christmas and 1.) create a card inspired by it (colour/shape/theme/whatever) and, to keep you on your toes, 2.) make it a shaped card. No 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card fronts!! That's it. You've got the rest of the month to get your creation posted. Have fun creating your cards and preparing your hearts for the holiday season!


  1. An odd-shaped christmas-cake-themed card? Wowza! When you initiate a challenge after a year's haitus, you go all out. Challenge accepted!

    1. It doesn't have to be Christmas-cake themed! I said use the photo of the cake for inspiration: the colours, the candles, the sprinkles - whatever. Seriously, people. Also, just because it's not an A2, doesn't mean the shape is 'odd'. Geez Louise.

    2. Somehow, just somehow I knew as soon as I typed the words "Christmas-cake-themed" I was going to regret them.


      :) The ideas are already percolating.

  2. awww shucks!! I just saw this (in January) and I've been faithfully checking in last year to check for new challenge - how 'bout you post a challenge for January :)